Pastors’ Wives are Encouraged

“Words cannot describe our experience and all God did while we were with the Pastors’ wives in Poland! The conference went better than we expected!”

Words cannot describe our experience and all God did while we were there.

There were 21 ladies at the Pastor’s Wives Conference and 33 at the Church Growth Conference. We had God ordained opportunities to minister to several women and also their husbands. The conferences went better than we expected.

The buzz around the camp during the conferences was from the men saying things like, “Wow, it sounds like our women are getting really good things from the conference and I want to hear also.” We witnessed a woman saying she had enough material to share with the ladies in her church for six months, and others who said this conference was well worth the time to come.

We attended a small, but very influential church in a village on Sunday. We cried most of the service as we felt very humbled by the Lord and the people who attended. They loved on us and we will have those memories etched in our minds forever.

We praise God for the connection He made with SOS International so we could have this opportunity to be blessed beyond what we ever imagined.

Laurie Southwick, Tammy Benjamin

Calvary Community Church, Phoenix, Arizona